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Currently a growing number of corporations in Germany are employing futurists. They are using the methods of Futures Studies, and are establishing future orientated think-tanks, or are purchasing the services of various consultancies and think-tanks. There seems to be a strong ongoing interest especially in the field of management in Futures Studies. This is not only reflected by the increase of activities of corporations in the field of Futures Studies, and an increase in the number of consultancies and think-tanks, but also the by increasing numbers of conferences on Futures Studies in Germany. This trend seems to be underlined by various publications which urge corporations to develop foresight. What seems to be of interest is how FS will evolve in the future in German corporations. This is not only to estimate how the demand for futurists will be in the future, but most importantly to determine future fields of research for Futures Studies.

The aim of this study project is to try to find answers by using the Delphi technique to establish how the future of Futures Studies might look like in the field of management and of course if Futures Studies has a future at all in management in Germany. The objective of this study is not only to determine in general the possible futures of Futures Studies, but to determine in particular which methods of Futures Studies have the highest potential in being used in management.

This study project is part of the MPhil in Futures Studies program at the Institute of Futures Research and Graduate School of Business at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.